Tales of Ayphae

Mushrooms that fly, spin, or stomp in a beat. Flowers that light up in ripples. A land where farming is the highest occupation and caterers are celebrities. Welcome to Ayphae.

All events and characters in Ayphae find their beginnings here.

Joven Marshalltoe, a responsible farmer whose path will take him places he could have never dreamed. Nickolar Elegard, the sensitive ranger whose convictions will change his path. And May Evelar, the exuberant field scientist—whose goals are to discover more of Ayphae’s secrets while maintaining respectability. All three paths will cross in time.

This compilation of short stories can be read before or after Ayphae—and though both stand alone, Tales of Ayphae is the prequel to Ayphae.

The Flames Chronicles, Book One

The Flames Chronicles, Backstory to Ayphae

The Flames Chronicles, The world of Ayphae

The Flames Chronicles, Book Two

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