5 Reasons NOW is the Best Time to be an Author

(By Nicole Vroon)

When Ian and I first started walking down this road of self-publishing and marketing we had no idea what we were doing or the steps to take. We were naive and just thought hey, this is a good book if we slap it up on Amazon the people will come right? Oh we were so young and innocent then. ^_^ But this past year when we have really been pushing to improve and learn this trade of writing and marketing, I am more convinced than ever that now is the best time to be an author. Here are my 5 reasons why. 

1. More Options to Get Your Book into the World

Years ago the only way to be an author was to pass the agent gauntlet and hopefully land a contract with a major publishing company. Now authors can skip the middleman and directly self-publish. There are also small publishing companies popping up that allow you to feel more connected to your publisher. Hey, if you are an author that gets published with a big company that is awesome too! There is more than one way up the mountain. 

2. Social Media Brings You Closer to Your Readers

Social media! It’s the best. Authors can connect more in person with their readers and with other authors. In this business connections are everything!  

3. The Internet is a Web of Connections! 

Just the internet in general is awesome for authors, am I right? It is great for sales with Amazon and similar sites. Marketing/reader connections with sites like Bookbub and Goodreads. Getting your voice heard via blogging. Finding advice, being part of FB groups, I could go on and on. 

4. We All Love eBooks

I feel like the rise of eBooks is getting people to read more. They have a whole library of books right on their phone. This one being good for authors speaks for itself. 🙂 

5. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

This last one is a quote from JFK but I feel it applies here. Several successful self-published authors in the industry help take away any potential stigma there is for the up-and-coming. It is also encouraging to see that yes you can make a career as an author! Don’t discourage yourself by comparing yourself to someone more successful, just know they were once where you are, and they made it through good writing, hard work and determination.   

Can you think of other reasons that could be added to this list?

The Flames Chronicles, Book One

The Flames Chronicles, Backstory to Ayphae

The Flames Chronicles, The world of Ayphae

The Flames Chronicles, Book Two

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