I love to write.


I especially like to tell stories that take us into imaginative worlds and introduce us to interesting people—all while bringing us into a better understanding of ourselves and our world.

Join me in my journey!

The Flames Chronicles, Book One

The Flames Chronicles, Backstory to Ayphae

The Flames Chronicles, The world of Ayphae

The Flames Chronicles, Book Two

One easily sees the author’s delight as he reveals the characteristics of his beloved Ayphae, page by page. The joy in writing for him translates to joy in reading for us.

A reader – JF

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“Tremendous use of dialogue – a rare gift in today’s entertainment. Remarkable skill in maintaining and advancing multiple fantasy story lines. Humor is subtle, clever and enjoyable. Creativity, color, action, and character development show a compelling capacity beyond Ian’s age and experience.”

An Amazon Reader – #5

Vroon does a masterful job of worldbuilding, letting readers understand the desperate situation through dialogue, slowly uncovering the crisis. Instead of having an all-knowing narrator fill in the back story, bits and pieces of it are uncovered by different characters, who often don’t have the full picture themselves.

A reader – Frank Daugherity

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I love the characters in my books—even the so-called villains! As I write them, they come alive. I love their depth and subtleties.
In May’s short story you’ll find a glimpse of her during an important life event. I hope you’re as intrigued with her as I am.

Clean Fiction Blog Tour: Ayphae • A World Beyond Your Imagination

Welcome to Ayphae, today’s stop on the blog tour! Imagine stepping into a field of toadstools and knowing they’ll produce colored lights based on what you like. Or a group of mushrooms will dance around you, expecting you to do the same. In Ayphae, fungi think using your brain—without draining or affecting you, the way … Continue reading Clean Fiction Blog Tour: Ayphae • A World Beyond Your Imagination

Why Bad Writing is Killing Death – Part 2

Last week I was adamant that character death is not something to splash around or negate with resurrection. It should be respected. If you don’t lay down rules and keep them, your audience won’t trust you and you can’t maintain dramatic suspense. But… Aren’t there exceptions? Most exceptions to this rule deal with something called … Continue reading Why Bad Writing is Killing Death – Part 2

Why Bad Writing is Killing Death – Part 1

Death is really popular in movies these days. Or at least, pretending someone’s dead is. Then they get resurrected somehow—twenty seconds later (Maleficent II), later in the same movie (almost any Marvel movie), in the next movie (Pirates of the Caribbean II), in the last installment of the franchise (Ep. IX of Star Wars), etc. … Continue reading Why Bad Writing is Killing Death – Part 1

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